Content that goes beyond the product and delivers value to patients and users of genetic testing.

the opportunity

Total number of people tested by consumer genetics companies, in millions. MIT 2018.

✅Interest in understanding individual and familial genetic health has grown rapidly over the past five years.

✅Public awareness of genomics is not increasing with advancements in the industry.*

✅There is a big opportunity to educate users to empower better use of modern technology and knowledge.

*73% of the survey respondents had not heard of genetic counseling

Virtual Reality Installations

the genetics of hope

Breakthroughs in genetic medicine that could transform the lives of patients racing against genetic fate.

patient stories

When I was diagnosed at 14, my disease didn't have a name. Now, I am turning the camera on myself and others in the rare disease and biotech communities to reflect on how we got to this breakthrough moment in genetic medicine.
Artemis Joukowsky
SMA Type 3


✅Bring science to life in your clasroom

✅Career counseling and recruiting

✅Path to diagnosis

✅Genetic Counseling

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